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>Hi! Welcome and grab a seat, this might take a while.

Mish was once a proud lurker, she was happy flailing over fics and authors till one day she realised that she had read all the Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith fanfics in the world. For a while, she was depressed and kept longingly refreshing the tag page at Ao3 in hopes that something new would come up. When nobody answered her prayers she decided to take matters into her own hands and start writing because there can never be enough Ryan/Spencer fics in the world.

How that need to write for Bandom spread to the Avengers/MCU fandom and now, finally, the Harry Potter fandom is a mystery she is still trying to solve.

She is 23 and has two dogs. When asked, that's how she chooses to describe herself. If prodded for more, she'll tell you about the three strays she fosters outside her house.

Clearly, she doesn't get out much.

If pushed for more, she'll tell you about her love for music. Music keeps her sane and happy.
MCRmy for life | Panic! at the Disco | Placebo | LostAlone | Fall Out Boy | and many more . .

One day she hopes to know what she wants to do with life. Till then, though, she's happy reading fics and procrastinating like a pro.

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